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Well Water Disinfection Kit

Well Water Sanitation Technology!

This revolutionary product is a breakthrough in well disinfection. Designed to kill and control both nuisance and disease causing microorganisms in an average depth drilled, driven point or hand dug well.

Why use this product?

This treatment is the clear choice to ensure the safety and purity of your water and the efficient operation of your private well water system. This simple process uses a powerful reagent and is so effective and efficient it is recommended by the EPA!

When should you disinfect you well?

After a new well has been drilled state law requires that the driller disinfect/chlorinate it. After that it is your responsibility. Your well should be disinfected:Anytime you have work done on the well.
  • When a recent water test indicates coliform bacteria is present.
  • After flooding of the well.
  • After plumbing installation, e.g. softeners, sinks, filters.
  • When drinking water tastes or odors change.
  • During start up of seasonal wells.
What do I do if my system has some sort of water treatment installed?

Because of the way the ETR Well Water disinfection Kit works, there is no need to bypass or alter the use of any systems you have currently installed in your water supply. The level of chlorine that enters you plumbing is similar to that in a home on a public water supply.

This kit is designed to disinfect shallow and drilled wells effectively, efficiently and safely.
The advantage of the disinfection process used by this kit is that the level of chlorine used does not cause the water to be toxic. Therefore if other contaminants have not be causing ill effects from consumption, neither will consuming the water during the disinfection process.

Price: $59.95 | order now

Includes: All the necessary information and reagents needed to perform a single disinfection of your water well. The kit is divided into 2 parts: Disinfecting agent, and a post treatment bacteria test to be used to test water after the disinfection process.

The post treatment water tests sell elsewhere on this site for $80.00.

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