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Well water can be an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to get your drinking water. There are many advantages to using well water, including less pollution, reduced energy usage, and a decrease in plastic consumption. In order to ensure safe and pleasing drinking water from your well, it is essential to test well water at least annually. ETR Laboratories provides well water and radon testing kits, so you and your family can be sure that your water is safe.

ETR Laboratories is passionate about working with private well owners, and cultivating relationships that assist in the growth in the industry. Water wells are a truly remarkable and useful resource. It is our mission to encourage smart and safe well usage by providing testing materials and well caps. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the well water frontier.

For more information on our services, including well water and radon testing kits, contact us at ETR Laboratories today!

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Best regards and thanks again.....appreciate your company's efficiency and cooperation..... P. Andreassen, President,  Andreassen Associates, LLC  Malden on Hudson, NY - Feb 17, 2015

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