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Professional Services
Specialized services are available for home inspectors and real estate professionals who are committed to providing the highest level of service for their clients!

Customer Testimonials

I write to express my sincere appreciation for the informative and extremely pertinent information you and ETR Laboratories provided.  My wife and I have been searching for a  home to raise our family in.  After identifying a potential property, we ordered a water quality test as part of the home inspection.  The sample was analyzed by your firm and results were emailed, but the real value of the service was the counseling you provided.   If we had relied solely on the established EPA limits for public drinking water, we may have been exposed to an unacceptably high level of nitrates.  Because you made a dedicated effort to interpret and explain the results to me, my wife and I were able to make an informed decision regarding the inspection contingency.   I very much enjoyed speaking with you last week and learned much from you.   I will be sure to utilize ETR's services again in the future. Thank you, D. Chaplin  3/21/13

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